Hermann Marbe
Image: Portrait of Hermann,
re-worked by Marie Sexton

Hermann Marbe, accompanied the GASP artist for 12 years. He was inspired by the each artists own unique style, vision and expression.

Those Hermann worked with were truly his creative partners and friends. His relationship with the artists was one of deep respect. They shared many meaningful journeys. He worked intuitively and experimentally with each artist as they found their voice. He was highly motivated to work with the artists to bring their work to the world. 

The creative journey with the artists was deeply entwined with Hermann's life and passion. 

He saw no limits to what could be achieved and was ambitious, quirky and innovative in the projects and initiatives he embarked on. He had a skill for connecting people, ideas, concepts and allowing projects to emerge.

Key to his work with the artists was the joint effort to build relationships that could open new friendships, insights and experiences. He had a heart for meaningful connections and a curious mind about what was possible. He had an eye and ear for new and meaningful opportunities for creative engagement.

Hermann died in May 2018.

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