Thursday 25 June 2015

EXPLORE, CREATE & DISCUSS with Infusion Art Cafés.Pop up exhibition and discussion in Educate Together National SchoolCork

Rosaleen Moore shows Elisa her 3 D painting of a nursing home during the event showcasing and discussing the concept of Infusion art cafes
in the Educate Together National School in Cork, Grattan Street.

Thursday 18 June 2015

John Whelan's art back on display

John Whelan Exhibits at the Quay Co-op

Exhibition: Work by John Whelan in Quay Co-op back on display from June 17 to July 7

John’s style involves distinctive mark making, often using both hands at the same time. Layering, pattern and an ever-moving surface are present in every painting John does. It can be hard to find words to describe his paintings because the abstractness allows for much interpretation, suggestions of objects and imagery and endless possibilities. Visit the Quay Co-op, Sullivan's Quay, Cork from June 17 to July 7. 2015 to see his work.

Tuesday 16 June 2015

Painting In Madrid. Yvonne Explores Palacio de Cristal

Yvonne visited the botanical gardens, Palacio de Cristal. Each glass house had a different climate suitable to the plant life. Here we see Yvonne doing observational studies of the cactus plants.

Yvonne then used these drawings to create multiple paintings of the cactus plants back in studio at La Matadero, Madrid.

The final Paintings

Yvonne's work, presented with other artists work in studio. 

Thursday 11 June 2015

Katie Whelan @ Workshops in La Matadero, Madrid

Katie's recent trip to Madrid was an exciting, creative and rewarding. Colectivo Debajo del Sombrero hosted workshops for the GASP artists and artists from AIM in Bristol.  Katie got involved dance workshops, drawing, painting to name but a few.

Katie in studio, La Matadero, Madrid

Group Photo in Studio

Katie pictured with Spanish, British and Irish Artists

Katie painting in studio, hat design.

Katie's handbag design

The Village get ready to facilitate the Public in Stop-motion activities at Midsummer Festival this weekend

The Village project are collaborating with GASP artists at Midsummer Festival this weekend.
They have been trying out stop-motion animation techniques to invite the public at the weekend to get involved. Aoife, Jason and Sarah invite you to call over to Cornmarket, Friday and Saturday and at Picnic in the Park, Fitzgerald park on Sunday.
GASP artists will be inviting you to get involved in a range of other creative actions!

Wednesday 10 June 2015

John Whelan, Dance Workshop in La Matadero, Madrid

One of the highlights of the trip for John Whelan was when a guest contemporary dancer facilitated a workshop. Artists had the opportunity to draw the dancer. observe and participate. John relished this experience and performed also.

John Whelan and Itziar, an artist from Colectivo Debajo del Sombrero collaborate in an improvised contemporary dance piece. 

Ide Ni Shuilleabhain Reacts to the white installation prepared by Debajo Del Sombrero, Madrid

One of the workshops hosted bColectivo Debajo del Sombrero at Matadero Madrid was a chance to transform an object with paint after it was presented to the artists completely white.

As the workshop progresses in Matadero, Madrid, Ide does observational studies of the freshly painted objects of her fellow artists. She used her unique style to create bold, colourful and angular interpretations of objects such as a teddy, shoes and a guitar.

The White objects laid out for the workshop.

Ide's Watercolour pastel drawing of a Bristol artist's painted Teddy bear.

Ide's Line drawings in charcoal of the array of white objects.

Rosaleen Moore: Street Art & Mural Painting in La Tabacalero, Madrid

One of the highlights of the Madrid workshops was a trip to La Tabacalero to paint wall murals. On the way, Rosaleen and her fellow artists got a chance to view some exciting street art and took some inspiration for the workshop.

Here is Rosaleen participating in the mural painting with the artists from Debajo Del Sombrero and AIM.

GASP @ the Cork Midsummer Festival

GASP Artists working long side 'The Village' are featured in this years Midsummer Festival in Cork City. They will be part of the Infusion Caravan Project.

It is a free event that invites people to participate in getting creative with a chalkboard caravan and make stop motion video clips.

Come along and get involved!

Fri 12th: Cornmarket Street 12-5
Sat 13th: Cornmarket Street 12-5
Sun 14th: Fitzgerald Park 12-5

For more information and other events in the festival check out

This project is supported by Leargas Erasmus +