Saturday 31 January 2015


Opens Thurs 26 March 7pm. Runs until Sun 26 April. 
People-Tools-Cities is the work of three artists from GASP (Glasheen Art Studio Programme) who have been working in Cork city; each artist focusing on a chosen subject. Yvonne Condon considers the portrait, inspired by the black and white photographs of August Sander shown at Sirius in 2014. Idé Ní Shúilleábháin focuses on tools, influenced by Konrad Klapheck paintings, while Rosaleen Moore explores the city, observing buildings and painting from memory.
GASP (Glasheen Art Studio Program) artists are currently taking part in the COPE Foundations’ Arts Programme.

Image Rosaleen Moore

GASP Exhibition coming up at Sirius Art Centre


Opens Thurs 26 March 7pm. Runs until Sun 26 April. Additional events tbc.
Generation is a public participation project with GASP (Glasheen Art Studio Program). The project invited people of varying ages to create works on the subject of age; the work of both children and older people will be presented together, portraying the curiosity and magic of childhood through to the experience of those in later years. The project provides opportunities for people from different generations to meet, interact and support each other’s creative process. The exhibition will be accompanied by a series of activities and workshops that will focus on process and build on this interaction. Generation is in collaboration with St Luke’s nursing home in Cork and Cork Educate Together National School.
GASP (Glasheen Art Studio Program) is developed through the COPE Foundations' Arts Programme and is directed by Hermann Marbe.