Thursday, 8 June 2017


Impressions of our last days in the FÁS building at Sullivans Quay. Thanks for the good times and we are looking forward to new adventures.  

John Whelan having a coffee on a left behind magic carpet at the abandoned 3 floor in the FÁS building , leaving a drawing  behind.
Marie Sexton puts her hands on the wall at the 3 floor.

Katie Whelan in her short term studio at the 3 floor.

Yvonne Condon's paintings for the film project with Linda Curtin.

Íde Ní Shúilleabháin and filmmaker Linda Curtain. 

John Keating's chalk coal drawing left behind on a wall in the old FÁS building.

David Connolly paints, while watching a Charlie Chaplin movie at the 3 floor. 

John Joe Sheehan, Eoin O'Broin, Rosaleen Moore and Katie Whelan (from left to right) at work at the 3 floor.

John Keating with Chalk coal drawing based on one of his etchings.
Part of Cork according to Rosaleen Moore - one of her last work,  finished in the FÁS Building. 

John Joe Sheehans unmistakable style.

Yvonne Condon creating art work during the film project with film maker Linda Curtin.
John Whelan finishing a painting on his last day in the FÁS building.
John, Nicholas (what would we have done without him!!!), Katie, Mary Rose, Rosaleen,  John, Tom, Íde, Hermann and Marie just minutes before leaving the building. Goodby and thanks for everything.

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