Monday, 6 July 2015

Pop into the Infusion Art Cafe pop up exhibition and get creative!

GASP Artists are involved in an exciting project called Infusion Art Cafe in Merchant's Quay Shopping Centre, from the 7th of July. The exhibition Generation will be a part of the space You are invited to make and share drawings, creative writing  and stop motion animations.
A fun, sociable space for people to get creative: ideal for friends and families to get involved together.
Everyone is welcome to come join in the creativity! 

Opening Times:

Ground Floor, Merchant's Quay Shopping Centre, Cork city 

Week 1
Tues 7th       1pm-6pm
Weds 8th   1pm-6pm
Thurs 9th   1pm-6pm
Friday 10th 1pm-9pm
Sat 11th      1pm-6pm

Week 2
Mon 13th      1pm-6pm
Tues 14th   1pm-6pm
Weds 15th  1pm-6pm
Thurs 16th  1pm-6pm

Friday 17th  1pm-5pm

Drop-in Stop Motion Workshops

Friday 10th @ 6pm-8pm

Saturday 11th @ 1pm-5pm
Friday 17th @ 1pm-5pm

A stop motion video made at Infusion Caravan, Cork Midsummer Festival 2015. A taster of what can be achieved at the Infusion Art Cafe Stop Motion Work Shops.

This project is supported by Erasmus +

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