Tuesday, 21 April 2015

EXPLORE, CREATE & DISCUSS with Infusion Art Cafés. St Mary's Cobh visit the Sirius Arts centre

An exploration about the Infusion art Cafes and exploration about how schools, Cultural organisations and artists can collaborate and use cafes/pop up cafes and public spaces to connect people with their creativity and with each other.

The discussions involved teachers, staff of cultural organisations and students form the school.

The students posted their feedback to John about his work.

I think Johns art work is amazing the technique he uses is brilliant I enjoy looking at his work it is very cool how he does i would never think of uses the technic he uses It is amazing how you can create picture by using plastic and a tool. Ava Meaney 

John's style was amazing of how he carved the outline of figures onto plastic. It is so creative how John came up with such an amazing technic. I really enjoyed watching how he created this art work. Rebecca Sheehan

Johns art i think is brilliant. He's good at what he does and i like the way it is in black and white. I also think that it is amazing the way he can do it for hours on end. Abby Gill

I think johns art is very good I do enjoy it a lot i think that it is very good how he came up with such a good idea and i think that he will become very famous one day. by Nellie-ann O Donoghue

I think johns art is inspiring and amazing.It looks really hard to do but when he does art he makes it look simple.I really enjoyed watching him do art.I think his work will become known to everyone in the world in the near future.Ciara O'Sullivan

I think Johns work s amazing i find it really interesting and the way he makes them is a really good good idea i am really gonna bring my family to see the paintings and describe how there made they will really enjoy it and everyone will know his paintings and i obviously enjoy everybody else's paintings  and i met lots of people and looked at there work and it looks really hard to do I LOVE IT !!!!!.Caitilin Stromsoe xxx

i think all the art is AMAZING I love the art,Johns art is really nice i'd really like to see more of his paintings -Viktoria Talockaite ;)

I think that all the pictures was amazing and the people can draw very good like they because we can draw Pilar Castrillo Mas 

I think that johns art is very cool by Ella Foster :3

I think that Johns work is amazing and really good and i would like to look at more of his work it is really cool Cliona Moynihan :) 

I think that Johns work is so amazing and i like it so much by katie blake :)

I think that Johns work is very good i lot it. it is amazing i love it i would like to see more of it. i would like to be like him when if older. i want to buy some of his work it is so good by valerie daly